How to Pay For Udemy Courses in Nigeria (Fast & Easy)

How to Pay For Udemy Courses in Nigeria (Fast & Easy)'s photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Fri Oct 27 2023
How to Pay For Udemy Courses in Nigeria (Fast & Easy)

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Ever wondered if there's an easier way to pay for Udemy courses in Nigeria? Well, it's not just you. The demand for more accessible Udemy payment methods is high.

Udemy is a popular platform for online learning. However, the Central Bank’s restrictions on Naira cards have made it difficult for many Nigerians to pay for courses seamlessly.

This article will guide you on how to pay for Udemy courses in Nigeria. But before that, let's dive into how you can find the best Udemy courses for yourself.

How to Pay For Udemy Courses in Nigeria

How to Find the Best Udemy Courses for You

To find the right Udemy course for your needs, consider your field of study and follow these key points:

  • Define Your Goal: Recognize your motivation for enrolling.
  • Search & Filter: Use keywords to select based on time and your skill level.
  • Dive into Course Details: Examine the syllabus and watch a few trailers.
  • Read Reviews: Look for positive reviews, but also read negative ones.
  • Inspect the Teacher: Evaluate their experience and past classes.
  • Look for Extras: Do they provide homework, tests, or supplementary materials?
  • See Course Updates: Verify that the material is current, particularly in quickly changing subjects.
  • Consider Cost: Look for deals, but remember that quality is everything.
  • Interact with the Instructor: Check their level of participation through the Q&A.
  • Mobile-Friendly?: Determine whether you can access and learn on the go quickly with your phone.

How to Pay For Udemy Courses in Nigeria Fast With the Pay4Me App

Paying for Udemy courses in Nigeria has never been simpler, thanks to the Pay4Me App. Follow these steps to make your payment on the app:

1. Get the App

Download Pay4Me from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Register on the app

Enter your email address and select a password to create an account.

3. Navigate to Payments

Once you're logged in, select the "Payments" option. Then, choose "Other payments" and pick the currency you wish to pay with.

4. Provide Course Details

Input your full name and the specific Udemy course link you're enrolling in. Double-check for correctness before proceeding.

5. Select Transaction Speed

Decide the urgency of your payment—whether you want it processed immediately or within a specific timeframe.

6. Finalize Your Payment

Conclude by choosing your preferred payment method, credit card, USSD, or direct bank transfer. Once paid, Pay4Me will handle the rest.

How to Pay For Udemy Courses in Nigeria

Why You Should Use the Pay4Me App for Udemy Course Payments

Pay4Me should be your go-to choice for Udemy course payments for the following reasons:

  • Easy to Use: it is easy to use the Pay4Me App to pay for your Udemy courses. 
  • No Hidden Charges: Pay4Me displays all its costs upfront, so there are no surprises.
  • Fast Process: Pay4Me processes payments quickly, allowing you to grab course discounts on time.
  • Simple User Interface: Simply register, enter your details, select online courses, and Pay4Me takes care of the rest.
  • Safety: Pay4Me employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard the confidentiality of your data.

Can I Use Pay4Me App for Other Online Platforms Besides Udemy?

You can use the Pay4Me App to pay for courses, not just on Udemy but also on Coursera, Udacity, Simplilearn, Edx, Skillshare, and Alison. It's great for making online course payments for courses like data science, digital marketing, content writing, software development, and more.

How to Save Money on Udemy Courses

Although courses on Udemy can be cheap, you would want to save more. Right? The following tips will help you in obtaining the best deal: 

1. Take Advantage of Udemy Sales: To save up to 90%, wait for frequent sales or subscribe to email alerts.

2. Bundle Your Courses: To combine courses and save more, use the "Bundle" feature.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Price Drops: Instructors frequently modify course fees.

4. Check Out Udemy for Business: Consult with your employer about using this option to get course costs reimbursed.

5. Dive into Free Courses: To learn without spending money, start with Udemy's free offerings.

6. Use the 30-Day Refund: Search for a better fit and request a refund if you're unhappy.

7. Download the Udemy App: Get the Udemy App to take advantage of special deals and promos available only through the app.

8. Follow Udemy on Social Media: Use Facebook and Twitter to stay current on discounts and cheap deals.

9. Use Account Sharing: Divide the course cost among interested relatives or friends.

10. Preview Before Purchasing: Use the course previews to ensure they fit well before purchasing.


Finally, the Good news is that With Pay4Me, you no longer need to hunt for a dollar card to enroll for Udemy Courses in Nigeria. The Pay4Me App simplifies payment, ensuring swift, seamless, and secure transactions. Download the Pay4Me App today and unlock limitless learning opportunities.

Best Wishes!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Pay For Udemy Courses in Nigeria

Q1. Why can't I pay for Udemy courses in Nigeria?

You can't pay for Udemy courses in Nigeria due to restrictions placed by the Central Bank of Nigeria on Naira cards, which prohibit them from being used for international payments.

Q2. How do you get paid on Udemy?

You can use PayPal, Payoneer, or direct deposit (U.S. only) to get paid on Udemy.

Q3. Does Udemy accept payment from Nigeria?

Yes. Udemy accepts payments from Nigeria. Use the Pay4Me app to pay for a course.

Q4. Can I learn on Udemy without paying?

Yes. You can learn without paying because there are a lot of free courses on Udemy.

Q5. Why should I use the Pay4Me App for Udemy course payments?

Use the Pay4Me app for Udemy course payments because transactions are easy, fast, and secure.

Q6. Can I use Pay4Me App for other online platforms besides Udemy?

Yes, besides Udemy, you can use the Pay4Me App for other online platforms like Coursera, Simplilearn, Udacity, etc.

Q7. Is it safe to pay online on Udemy?

Yes, it is generally safe to pay online on Udemy. Udemy uses a variety of security measures to protect your payment information.

Q8. Does paid Udemy courses expire?

No, paid Udemy courses do not expire. Upon purchasing a course, you will have lifetime access, provided your account is in good standing, and Udemy maintains a license to that course.

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